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Amazon QuickSight is a fast, cloud-powered business intelligence service that delivers insights to everyone in your organization. It enables companies to create and analyze data visualizations and extract easy-to-understand insights.

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Benchteq’s Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-scale business intelligence (BI) service that you can use to deliver easy-to-understand insights to the people who you work with, wherever they are. Amazon QuickSight connects to your data in the cloud and combines data from many different sources. In a single data dashboard, QuickSight can include AWS data, third-party data, big data, spreadsheet data, SaaS data, B2B data, and more. As a fully managed cloud-based service, Amazon QuickSight provides enterprise-grade security, global availability, and built-in redundancy.

Amazon QuickSight Services Support USA

Amazon Athena
Amazon CloudSearch
Amazon FinSpace
Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Data Firehose
Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink
Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka
Amazon Redshift
Amazon QuickSight

AWS Step Functions
Amazon AppFlow
Amazon EventBridge
Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow
Amazon MQ
Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
AWS AppSync
AWS B2B Data Interchange

Amazon Q
Amazon Bedrock
Amazon SageMaker
Amazon Augmented AI
Amazon CodeGuru
Amazon Comprehend
Amazon Comprehend Medical
Amazon Elastic Inference
Amazon Fraud Detector

Amazon QuickSight Services – Amazon QuickSight job search

  • Machine Learning Integration: QuickSight includes ML capabilities for discovering hidden trends, identifying outliers, performing what-if analysis, and forecasting.
  • Natural Language Query: Users can ask questions of their data in plain language using QuickSight Q, which improves with user feedback and a built-in dictionary.
  • Interactive Dashboards: QuickSight provides interactive dashboards that can be embedded into applications, portals, and websites, allowing users to explore data and insights.
  • Data Sources: It supports a wide range of data sources, including Amazon Aurora, Athena, Redshift, S3, Elasticsearch, on-premises databases, file uploads, and API-based data sources like Salesforce.

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