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AWS Job Support Services for Consultant, Agencies, Companies and Employee. Our support program provides expert trainers and working professionals to help you with on-the-job tasks and teach you to handle similar tasks in the future to excel in your career.

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Benchteq’s OpenNebula is an open-source cloud computing platform designed to manage data center virtualization, offering a comprehensive solution for building and managing private, public, and hybrid clouds. Established with the goal of simplifying data center infrastructure management, OpenNebula provides a flexible, scalable, and feature-rich platform.

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Cloud Management
Virtualization Management
Storage Management
Networking Management

User and Resource Management
Self-service and Automation
Monitoring and Reporting
Integration and Extensibility

Edge Computing
Security and Compliance
Support and Services
Cost Management

OpenNebula Job Support Services – OpenNebula Services (AWS)

Unified Cloud Management

  • Hybrid Cloud: Seamlessly integrates with public cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, enabling hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Multi-Cloud Support: Manage multiple cloud environments from a single platform.
    Virtualization Management Hypervisor Agnostic: Supports various hypervisors including KVM, VMware, and LXD, providing flexibility in virtualization choices.
    VM Lifecycle Management: Automates the creation, deployment, monitoring, scaling, and decommissioning of virtual machines.

Thanks to Benchteq, the team has given me a fantastic insight into the skillset required for Job. The support was an opportunity to learn interview skills, upgrade technology stacks and grab dream job…