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Datto Job Support Services for Consultant, Agencies, Companies and Employee. Our support program provides expert trainers and working professionals to help you with on-the-job tasks and teach you to handle similar tasks in the future to excel in your career.

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Benchteq’s Datto is a cybersecurity and data backup company that provides a range of IT solutions for managed service providers (MSPs). Here are some key points about Datto:

Key Products and Services

  • Datto RMM: A cloud-based remote monitoring and management platform for managing IT infrastructure with automation tools like networking monitoring, patch management, remote control, and mass script deployment.
  • SIRIS: A business continuity and disaster recovery solution for protecting servers and ensuring quick recovery in case of data loss or system failure.
  • ALTO: A similar solution for small business servers.
  • Endpoint Backup: A solution for protecting Windows servers, virtual machines, cloud instances, desktops, and laptops from downtime and data loss.
  • Backup for Microsoft Azure: A solution for protecting Microsoft Azure workloads.
  • Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery: A comprehensive solution combining automatic backup, ransomware protection, and powerful disaster recovery capabilities.


Datto Web Services Support USA

  • ALTO
  • Datto Endpoint Backup
  • SaaS Protection
  • File Protection
  • Workplace
  • Unified Backup
  • Autotask PSA
  • RMM
  • Quote Manager
  • Wi-Fi
  • Switches
  • Routers
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Datto Jop support Services – IT Solution built for Developers

  • Automation: Datto’s solutions automate various IT tasks, such as patch management and remote control, to improve efficiency.
  • Cloud-based: Many of Datto’s solutions are cloud-based, allowing for easy access and management from anywhere.
  • Comprehensive: Datto’s solutions cover a wide range of IT needs, from backup and recovery to security and collaboration.
  • Scalable: Datto’s solutions are designed to scale with the needs of businesses, from small to large enterprises.

Thanks to Benchteq, the team has given me a fantastic insight into the skillset required for Job. The support was an opportunity to learn interview skills, upgrade technology stacks and grab dream job…